To be a world-class post-secondary technical vocational safety and health training center that will graduate highly-skilled safety-conscious workers, sought after by employers locally and globally for their self-discipline and correct work attitude.


Keitech is committed to providing high quality technical and vocational education responsive and aligned with global needs, standards, and practices with equal emphasis on high awareness for safety and health, discipline, and moral values for the trainees to become highly competitive in both local and global labor market.

Core Values


Keitech is committed to nurturing a life of righteousness and united with others through the Almighty God regardless of belief or religion in order to propagate communal love and social development.


Keitech is committed in nurturing trainees to strive for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of training and individual and community action, work and life-long learning.


Keitech is committed in nurturing trainees to uphold and do what are morally right and doing them right even if others are not watching.


Keitech is committed to nurturing trainees to be a very accountable person to himself/ herself and the community’s actions towards himself/ herself, others, and the environment.

Sense of Service

Keitech is committed to nurturing trainees to work always with exemplary performance, intense devotion, professionalism, competence, putting above all the accomplishment of assigned tasks or mission of the institution, and being of great service to others.


Keitech is committed in nurturing trainees the principles of social justice and opposing prejudice, dishonesty and injustice.


Keitech is committed in nurturing trainees to achieve common goals based on open and honest communication while showing concern and support to other.

Campus Life

Campus Life

Student Affairs

Student Affairs provides various development programs and services to support Keitech trainees, including leadership development, residential programs, public service, career exploration and community engagement.


Campus Life

Board and Lodging

Trainees live on campus for free from Monday to Friday sharing meals and accommodation.


Campus Life

Spiritual and Values Formation

Keitech carry out activities that help trainees learn about virtues, how to evaluate them, how to live them, and how to transmit them, in a usual, firm and committed manner.


Activities and Events


VALUES FORMATION SESSIONS: When Competence and Character Overlaps

As soon as our graduate goes out of the portals of Keitech, we make sure that he/she is ready to face the world as a whole person.



MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING: When Art And Discipline Collide

At Keitech, martial art is not just an external skill, it is an internal philosophy that promotes self-awareness, self-confidence, self-discipline, and valuing one’s life and the lives of others.



MILITARY TRAINING: The Law Of Energy And Effort

The body has memory. Our habitual actions create habitual thinking which is translated into natural instinct or discipline.


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    How can I be a scholar?

    • At least High School Graduate with GWA of 80% or Higher
    • A resident of Kananga and Ormoc or EDC endorsed coming from the host communities and other project sites
    • Physically fit and of good moral character
    • Age Requirement: Must be 18 years old or above
    • Special Requirements per Qualification Area:
      • Tourism Applicants:
        • Should have a final grade in English at least 80% or higher
        • Possess good communication skills
        • With pleasing personality
      • Metals and Engineering and Construction Applicants:
        • Should have a final grade in Mathematics at least 80% or higher

    What are the Trainee benefits?

    • Trainees are live-in (from Monday morning to Friday after lunch) to maximize learning opportunities
    • Trainees are sponsored
    • All training expense will be provided in advance (Food, School supplies, Uniforms, Reference materials and Insurance)
    • Employment of certified graduates will immediately be facilitated by the Blue Desk/Placement Office for Regular Trainees

    What is the admission screening process?

    1. Submission of Pre-admission Requirements
    2. Entrance Exam
    3. Interview
    4. Submission of Final Requirements
    5. Medical Exam

    How can I become your external partner?

    • Legally and officially registered in the mandated government agencies
    • Willing to support the training program of Keitech that will mutually benefit all parties and favorable too to trainees’ interest
    • Interested to have a close collaboration with Keitech under a MOA contract
    • Capable in providing actual OJT to trainees, able to assign them to any work areas relative to their specific skills or competencies for actual work exposure, and can comply with the agreed terms and duration of OJT

    When is the deadline of application?

    4th week of October

    How can I donate to the foundation?

    You may visit our Giving page for more details.