Spiritual and Values Formation

Spiritual Life

Keitech exercises enculturation of faith and ecumenism. In spite of the varied faith denominations faith life is practiced in the celebrations of the Word and of the Eucharist.


Weekly Bible Sharing facilitates reflection of a Christocentric moral, worship and doctrines aspects of the spiritual life and integrate it with existential and life experiences.


For the majority in the campus is embracing Roman Catholicism, Rosary Month is uniquely practiced daily before the end of the day. Trainees are assigned to lead and prepare for the said rite. First Friday Holy Mass is devotedly done with the all the trainees to lead in the singing of the Mass songs.


Before the start and end of daily activities Opening and Closing Prayer are sincerely practiced.


By the integration and inculcation of spiritual life in the campus contribute in the formation and redirection of trainees perspective about life, work, and the community as well as their Values System. Spirituality is integral in Values Formation. Such is a wholistic approach in the formation of the trainees’ behavioral pattern.


Values Education focuses on the 7 Habits and Core Values of EDC such as Excellence, Integrity, Responsibility, Sense of Service, Fairness and Teamwork.


Bible Sharing