MILITARY TRAINING: The Law Of Energy And Effort

The body has memory. Our habitual actions create habitual thinking which is translated into natural instinct or discipline. Just as a sound mind can create a sound body, a healthy body can, in turn, create a healthy and creative mind.


At Keitech, we combine physical and mental creation. We integrate conceptualization and actualization. More profoundly, we believe in the law of effort and energy. As we control our physiological movement, we also fine tune our psychological preconditioning. The more physical effort we exert, the more mental and emotional gratification we gain. To us, military discipline is the most systematic and scientific way to actualize this combination. Military discipline is an embodiment of the principles that say:


1. You can get a lot if you are ready to give up a lot to get it.
2. You can achieve more if you are ready to give up more.
3. Only those who are willing to feel uncomfortable can be successful.


Considering that ours is an industry skills training that entails a lot of physical exertion, exercise such as military drills are fitting and highly contributory to our success.


Our trainees wake up as early as 4am or even earlier. They start the day with the “army dozen” drill consisting of push-ups, sit-ups, bottoms up, jumping jack, and a variety more. Military training also helps them develop the value of timeliness, alertness, safety, and obey-first-before-you-complain.