Student Affairs

Handle and deliver quality trainees’ experience through activities, services, communication enhancement and discipline

Our Mission Statement:

Student Affairs provides services and programs to trainees and graduates in support of the Institution’s vision and mission.

Our Guiding Principles:
• Provide various trainees’ services, trainings and resources aligned and applicable to current needs or demands that will foster and support change, development and engagement.
• Provide information, counseling and advising experience that promotes personal growth, and that guide and support trainees in their journey within and beyond Keitech.


• Impart knowledge that will guide, inspire, encourage and transform trainees to a desirable and respectful worker imbued with discipline, correct work attitude and leadership.
• Foster commitment to change, personal growth and adherence to morally accepted norms, values and adherence to rules, regulations, and expectations related to society, industry and trainee life.


• Instruct and guide trainees to learn and develop skills needed to do various jobs or routine activities.
• Provide activities that will help develop physical strength and mental ability to withstand pain and overcome various conditions associated to work and life endeavors.

Trainees as a Community

The Student Affairs is committed in bringing culture change and shift in paradigm to every trainee guided by the core values of the institution. This is to give them the opportunity to be skillfully, emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically, morally and spiritually prepared in facing and handling various obstacles and endeavors in the future. To attain such, programs and activities were developed:

Residential Programs

Keitech trainees live on campus from Monday to Friday to fully utilize training opportunities. Various activities are programmed and given to trainees that offer learning opportunities beyond the workshop or TESDA time which support Keitech mission.


A variety of living and learning environments are undertaken by trainees that promotes emotional, social and interpersonal growth and development. It also provides experiences to trainees that allow them to express their individuality balanced with a shared sense of responsibility and commitment for the Keitech community.

Student Development and Activities

The Student Affairs creates a community like atmosphere by providing opportunities for social interaction and student participation in community life and student governance.


Trainee Council and various clubs are organized to help student enhance their leadership skills and to explore the co-curricular opportunities available at Keitech. Trainees are supported, assisted and given advisement whether in starting a trainee group, running their organization, planning an event and others.