Board of Trustees

The Foundation’s board of trustees is the governing and policy-making body. The trustees exercises fiduciary responsibility with regard to the Foundation’s training, financial, and physical resources and overall well-being to ensure that Keitech training and administrative leadership are guided by sound policies and practices, with adequate resources, to further Keitech’s mission.

Oscar M. LopezChairman Emeritus
Federico R. LopezChairman
Richard B. TantocoChairman-Audit Committee
Dr. Paul A. AquinoPresident Emeritus
Atty. Allan V. BarcenaPresident
James Arnold D. VillaromanVice President
Maribel A. ManlapazCorporate Treasurer
Atty. Kristina Irene C. Dy-GoCorporate Secretary
Santos E. GetaladoAssistant Corporate Secretary
Erwin B. MagallanesAdministrator
Leonita P. SabandoTrustee
Danilo B. DacilloTrustee
Victor Emmanuel B. Santos, Jr.Trustee
Ann M. AsupanTrustee
Estanislao M. Pialago, Jr. Trustee

Organizational Structure

Erwin B. MagallanesAdministrator
Santos E. GetaladoAssistant Administrator
Joy Dee Q. SanqueFinance Analyst
Dailyn C. CabarseCashier
Management Services
Carmela Marie V. BudlongOIC Head, Management Services/ HR Officer
Sandy D. AmamangpangProcurement Officer
Norma F. SalvaProperty Custodian
Gilbert C. FielMaintenance Personnel
Jessie V. HerbitoMaintenance Personnel
Sulpecio D. Octavio, Jr.Maintenance Personnel
Instructional Services
Virgilio I. LabicaneHead, Instructional Services/Trainer
Ricky S. Catapal Trainer
Alfredo T. Agawa, Jr.Trainer
Niel Anthony G. BagasinTrainer
Eugenio M. Mates, Jr.Trainer
Loida C. TudioNurse/Safety Officer
Office of the Student Affairs
Christine Joy R. DemeterioOIC Head, Office of the Student Affairs/ Placement Officer
Nelson A. AlvaradoRegistrar
Carmela Marie V. BudlongGuidance Counselor
Mary Ann T. TangpuzGuidance Staff