VALUES FORMATION SESSIONS: When Competence and Character Overlaps

As soon as our graduate goes out of the portals of Keitech, we make sure that he/she is ready to face the world as a whole person, i.e. not just a person of competence but that of character; not just a person of discipline but that of direction; not just a functional individual but a relational person; and not just one who knows how to do things right but a someone who knows and does the right thing.


We integrate our values formation sessions on OSA (Office of the Student Affairs) time from 7:00 o’ clock to 9:00 o’ clock in the evening, with our Core Values being SPIRITUALITY, EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY, SENSE OF SERVICE, FAIRNESS, and TEAMWORK. But strategically, we always integrate moral values, whether they are in the workshop, in the basketball court, or in other venues.


For the month of September, we focused our values formation discussion on “Self-awareness”, then moved on to “Leadership”, “Teamwork”, and other subsequent topics.