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About Keitech

The Kananga-EDC Institute of Technology (Keitech) Educational Foundation, Inc., is a post-secondary technical-vocational training center founded by the country’s leading geothermal energy producer Energy Development Corporation (EDC) in 2009. Known for the consistent 100% passing rate of its students in all Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) National Certification exams for over 10 years, Keitech aims to contribute to addressing unemployment in the municipality of Kananga and Ormoc by providing free high-quality technical-vocational education for immediate employment or entrepreneurship of the beneficiary.


The eight sun’s rays are a highly visual representation of the technical and vocational strength of Keitech, fusing the sun symbol in the Philippine flag and the gear of the machine. The beveled center imbues metallic and industrial attributes to its otherwise organic element. The golden yellow color denotes geothermal power which inspires the founders Energy Development Corporation and the Municipality of Kananga to utilize the benefit of this powerful resource to contribute to the socio-economic development efforts through the Keitech initiative. The two white arcs in the center symbolize limitless potential and mobility of the Filipino talent in the global labor markets. The whole image conveys the power of Keitech to set things in motion and affect a far-reaching positive impact.