Board and Lodging

Common Dormitory

OML MPB Dining Area

Share Meals, Make Traditions, Build Community

At the start of your first day training, the housing lottery will place you in one of our 4 dormitories, each accommodating between 30 and 40 trainees. Our dormitories offer the experience of a small community within the broader framework of a Technical Vocational school.


The dormitories provide a wealth of opportunities for trainees to participate in training, recreational, and cultural activities over their 11 months of stay in the Institution.


At the start of your stay in Keitech, you will form a big rooming group with your classmates regardless of what training qualification you will take. Together, you will be assigned to live in one of the 4 dormitories.


As new trainees one of the most exciting days of your residency is when you will introduce yourself to your new community to experience the ways and traditions of Keitech.

Intramural Sports

Dormitories field their own athletic teams in intramural sports ranging from basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw, badminton, table tennis and chess. The Aquino Cup is won annually by the Dormitory with the highest standing at the year’s end.

Dorm Master

Each dormitory has Dorm Masters. Instructors or staffs assigned at a particular dormitory are designated as the Dorm Masters. They are directly responsible for the administration and discipline of all trainees assigned thereat. They make the dormitory a home. Trainers and staffs eat their meals with trainees in the dining hall, sponsor trainees-planned events for each dormitory and host gatherings in their respective dormitories. The Dorm Masters’ professional, intellectual, and recreational interests inflect the dormitory communal and cultural life, which helps to make each dormitory a distinctive, close-knit community.

Trainee Council

Each dormitory has its own trainee-led council, which is responsible for building community by organizing and sponsoring many activities.