Batch 13 Graduation: Sy 2021-22

May 13, 2022, 18 trainee-scholars marched into the grand MPB (Multi-Purpose Building) of Keitech to receive their final verdict, a graduation diploma, after 9 months of rigorous and laborious training in SMAW, GTW, and EIM, molded with values, discipline, and spirituality. No one can be prouder than their parents and teachers who were behind the scenes as these young souls fought hard to beat Keitech’s standards of training and formation.


As the 18 graduates stand tall and proud before the finish line, their hearts are filled with ambiguity being torn between letting go of the past which they have so-decorated with sweat, tears, and energy, and moving forward to see through the horizons of the future ushering their successes and fulfilments. They have been repeatedly told, in training days, that successful people are always forward-looking or future oriented. The voice of the values formator echoes with clarity: “The only good thing that the past can do to you is learn from it; do not be too sentimental about the past”. But, how can you ever forget your alma mater that formed you to who you are now – a whole package of a person ready to face the world of exploration, expansion, and success? One thing consoles their momentary ambiguous feeling: upon reaching out for that piece of “certificate”, they automatically and individually transform to be an “alumnus” or a member of the “Keitech Alumni Family”. And so, their excitements remain, and their dreams continue to burn as one, as they collaborate with the other alumni members keeping Keitech vigorously afloat for the subsequent batches and generations.


The Keitech family is proud and happy to witness some key personalities and VIP’s gracing the event. We have no less than Keitech’s Administrator, ERWIN B. MAGALLANES, PASAR’s HR Manager and President of PASAR Foundation, ANN A. ASUPAN, PASAR’s Superintendent in Trade and Technical Department, JOSE JASPER L. YAP, and Kananga, Leyte Mayor Matt Torres. The parents, the graduates, the teachers, and the rest of Keitech’s workforce were, of course, at the limelight.