Year 14 Training Induction Program

Keitech officially opened its gates for the new batch of trainees.
On July 18, 2022, the Regular Batch 14, Class 22 Trainees Arrived at Keitech for the Training Induction Program.


With a total of 60 trainees from different municipalities of Leyte, namely; Kananga, Ormoc City, and Isabel, Keitech officially welcomed a new batch of trainees. Keitech now offers two vocational courses—Metals and Engineering, and Construction Handicraftsmen, equally having 30 trainees for each qualification.


In accordance with the organization’s regulations, the trainees underwent temperature checking, their belongings were inspected, and mobile phones were collected. After that, they were shown to the dorms where they would be staying for the duration of their training.


The trainees underwent a safety briefing and orientation on the organization’s physical structure under the direction of the school nurse, Ms. Loida Tudio. They received an orientation on safety standards and practices, risks and hazards they might run across throughout the training, as well as instructions on what to do in an emergency.


To officially welcome the new batch of trainees, Mr. Santos Getalado, the Assistant Administrator and HR Head, delivered his welcome message to the newly-arrived trainees. Mr. Getalado encouraged students to come out of their shells by saying, “You need to die, in order for you to live,” in reference to the amount of effort and commitment required to survive and succeed in Keitech.


In preparation for the actual training, students attended an orientation. Led by Ms. Carmela Marie Budlong, the OIC Head of the Management Services, which at the same time is the Assistant Head of HR where they learned about the organization’s rules and procedures, and its facilities. They were also introduced to the organizational departments, department heads, staff, and stakeholders.


Known for its military-based training, Keitech also invited the 93rd IB Military Unit for the military orientation, which initially instructed the students about Basic Military Command. After that, Mrs. Tangpuz, their values teacher, orientated the newly-arrived trainees regarding the dorm assignment and guidelines. They also had a chance to introduce themselves to each other as they participated in their Getting-To-Know-You Activity, the last activity before they were instructed to retire to their dormitories and call it a day.


The first day for the trainees may be hectic and tiring, but it has been successful, and numerous activities have already been fulfilled. The trainees already had a glimpse of what they would encounter over the course of their stay as Keitech trainees. There is still more to cover as it is only their first official day as Keitech trainees, their first step toward becoming the world’s greatest nation builder.