Basic Military Training

The integration of Basic Military Training in the training program in Keitech is an essential component in the inculcation and formation of discipline. Such corrects behavioral problems and assists in the refocusing of priorities by becoming productive in any endeavor, more responsive in the workplace or daily demands in life, enhances sense of responsibility among Keitech trainees.

This facilitates the achievement of right attitude towards work, among peers and in life. It also produces prompt action and proper coordination in the daily routines at the campus.


Physical dynamism is reinforced by the obligation of this type of discipline. Keitech trainees are better equip in competently coping with situation or condition in their future work by being effective and productive in the workforce.


Daily trainees’ activities comprise of military courtesy, military exercises or army dozens, military marching and drills, execution of commands by trainee-officers and the imposition of fatigue duty to comply delinquencies and sanctions.